Current flow diagram VAG - general information

Условные обозначения для новых электросхем VAG. Названия сигналов в электросхемах с 2017 года выпуска, цветовая маркировка проводов и их сечение, цвета предохранителей различных типов.

Signal names, from 2017
Note: These signal names will be used from 2017. You will find the old terminal designations in the chapters Signal names - DIN standard 72552 and Signal names - supplement

Signal namesExplanation
(S)Shield for aerial or video wires
A~Alternating current phase A
AIRAir wire
ANTAerial wire
ANT-Aerial wire, negative
ANT+Aerial wire, positive
B~Alternating current phase B
C~Alternating current phase C
CAN-HCAN bus, high
CAN-LCAN bus, low
CRASHCrash signal
CTRLActivation for actuators
CTRL-Activation, negative (for actuators)
CTRL+Activation, positive (for actuators)
CTRL1-Engine/motor activation 1, negative
CTRL1+Engine/motor activation 1, positive
CTRL2-Engine/motor activation 2, negative
CTRL2+Engine/motor activation 2, positive
DATAData wire
DATA-Data wire, negative
DATA+Data wire, positive
DIAGDiagnosis wiring
ETH-Ethernet data wire, negative
ETH+Ethernet data wire, positive
FxR-HFlexRay bus, high
FxR-LFlexRay bus, low
GETH-Ethernet data wire, negative (gigabit)
GETH+Ethernet data wire, positive (gigabit)
GNDEarth or negative (also virtual earth)
HV-High voltage, negative
HV+High voltage, positive
HV-U~High voltage, U-phase
HV-V~High voltage, V-phase
HV-W~High voltage, W-phase
K-DiagBidirectional K-wire (diagnosis)
KL1Terminal 1 - Ignition coil, ignition contact breaker or starter unit
KL15Terminal 15 - Output terminal of ignition switch or ignition/glow enable
KL15aTerminal 15a - Ignition, protected
KL30Terminal 30 - Terminal directly from battery
KL30aTerminal 30a - Battery positive, protected
KL32Terminal 32 - Electric motors, terminal for return wire
KL33Terminal 33 - Electric motors, terminal for main connection
KL33LTerminal 33L - Electric motors, anticlockwise rotation
KL33RTerminal 33R - Electric motors, clockwise rotation
KL4Terminal 4 - Terminal on ignition coil and on ignition distributor (high voltage)
KL40Terminal 40 - Input terminal directly from 48V battery
KL49Terminal 49 - Input terminal indicator relay (pulse generators)
KL49aTerminal 49a - Output terminal on indicator relay, input terminal on turn signal switch for flashing pulses
KL50Terminal 50 - Starter control
KL50aTerminal 50a - Battery switch-over relay, output for starter control
KL50bTerminal 50b - Starter control for parallel operation
KL50eTerminal 50e - Starter inhibitor relay, input
KL50fTerminal 50f - Start inhibitor relay, output
KL53Terminal 53 - Wiper motor, input
KL53aTerminal 53a - Wipers, end position
KL53bTerminal 53b - Wipers, shunt winding
KL53cTerminal 53c - Windscreen washer pump
KL53eTerminal 53e - Wipers, brake winding
KL54Terminal 54 - Brake lights on trailer connection equipment
KL55Terminal 55 - Front fog lights
KL56Terminal 56 - Headlights
KL56aTerminal 56a - Main beam and main beam control
KL56bTerminal 56b - Dipped beam
KL58Terminal 58 - Side lights, tail lights, number plate lights and instrument lighting
KL58dTerminal 58d - Terminal for variable instrument lighting
KL58LTerminal 58L - Side lights, tail lights, number plate lights and instrument lighting, left
KL58RTerminal 58R - Side lights, tail lights, number plate lights and instrument lighting, right
KL59Terminal 59 - Terminal for alternating voltage (alternator, light switch or rectifier)
KL71Terminal 71 - Input for multi-tone horn switching device (horn)
KL71aTerminal 71a - Output (bass)
KL71bTerminal 71b - Output (treble)
KL75Terminal 75 - Radio, cigarette lighter
KL76Terminal 76 - Loudspeakers
KL77Terminal 77 - Terminal for door valve control
KL85Terminal 85 - Switching relay, drive (output; winding end)
KL86Terminal 86 - Switching relay, drive (output; winding start)
KL87Terminal 87 - Switching relay, input terminal for break contact/changeover contact
KL87aTerminal 87a - Switching relay, first output terminal or terminal 87, protected
KL87bTerminal 87b - Switching relay, second output terminal
L1~Mains phase L1
L2~Mains phase L2
L3~Mains phase L3
L-DiagUnidirectional L-wire (diagnosis)
MOSTMOST bus (fibre optic cable)
NNeutral wire N
PEProtective earth
PILOTPilot line
SIG-Negative signal
SIG+Positive signal
SIG+CPositive signal, cosine
SIG+SPositive signal, sine
SIG15Signal terminal 15 (status signal)
SIG50Signal terminal 50 (status signal)
SIG54Signal terminal 54 (status signal)
SIG-CNegative signal, cosine
SIG-HSignal, high
SIG-LSignal, low
SIG-nSpeed signal
SIG-RxReceiver wire
SIG-SPositive signal, sine
SIG-TxTransceiver wire (transmitter/receiver)
SIG-vSpeed signal
U~Three-phase alternating current, phase U
V~Three-phase alternating current, phase V
VSSupply voltage, general (without special voltage level)
VS3V3-volt supply voltage
VS5V5-volt supply voltage
W~Three-phase alternating current, phase W

Signal names - DIN standard 72552

Terminal 1 - Ignition coil, ignition distributor – low voltage
Terminal 1a - To ignition contact breaker I (ignition distributor with two separate circuits)
Terminal 1b - To ignition contact breaker II (ignition distributor with two separate circuits)
Terminal 4 - Ignition coil, ignition distributor – high voltage
Terminal 4a - From ignition coil I (ignition distributor with two separate circuits)
Terminal 4b - From ignition coil II (ignition distributor with two separate circuits)
Terminal 15 - Switched positive to battery (output of ignition/driving switch)
Terminal 15a - Output on ballast resistor to ignition coil and starter
Terminal 17 - Glow plug and starter switch – start
Terminal 19 - Glow plug and starter switch – preglow
Terminal 30 - Input from positive terminal (+) on battery, series/parallel switch-over relay 12/24 V, direct
Terminal 30a - Input from positive terminal (+) on battery II
Terminal 31 - Negative battery terminal or earth, direct
Terminal 31a - Return wire to negative terminal on battery II (series/parallel switch-over relay 12/24 V)
Terminal 31b - Return wire to negative terminal on battery or earth via switch or relay (switched negative)
Terminal 31c - Return wire to negative terminal on battery I (series/parallel switch-over relay 12/24 V)
Terminal 50 - Starter control (direct)

Electric motors
Terminal 32 - Return wire
Terminal 33 - Main connection
Terminal 33a - Limit switch-off
Terminal 33b - Shunt field
Terminal 33f - For second, lower speed range
Terminal 33g - For third, lower speed range
Terminal 33h - For fourth, lower speed range
Terminal 33L - Anticlockwise rotation
Terminal 33R - Clockwise rotation

Terminal 45 - Separate starting relay, output; starter, input (primary current); two starters – parallel operation C – starting relay for engagement current
Terminal 45a - Output, starter I, input, starter I and II
Terminal 45b - Output, starter II
Terminal 48 - Terminal on starter and start repeating relay for monitoring starting procedure

Turn signal (indicator relay)
Terminal 49 - Input
Terminal 49a - Output
Terminal 49b - Output, second circuit
Terminal 49c - Output, third circuit

Starter control
Terminal 50 - Starter control (direct)
Terminal 50a - Switch-over relay – output for starter control
Terminal 50b - Starting relay for sequential control of the engagement current during parallel operation of two starters
Terminal 50c - Input on starting relay for starter I
Terminal 50d - Input on starting relay for starter II
Terminal 50e - Input starter inhibitor relay
Terminal 50f - Output starter inhibitor relay
Terminal 50g - Input start repeating relay
Terminal 50h - Output start repeating relay

Wiper motors
Terminal 53 - Wiper motor, input (+)
Terminal 53a - Wipers (+), limit switch-off
Terminal 53b - Wipers (shunt winding)
Terminal 53c - Electric pump for windscreen washer
Terminal 53e - Wipers (brake winding)
Terminal 53l - Wiper motor with permanent magnet and third brush (high speed)

Terminal 55 - Fog lights
Terminal 56 - Headlights
Terminal 56a - Main beam and main beam warning lamp
Terminal 56b - Dipped beam
Terminal 56d - Headlight flasher
Terminal 57a - Parking light
Terminal 57L - Left parking light
Terminal 57R - Right parking light
Terminal 58 - Side lights, number plate lights, instrument lighting, tail lights
Terminal 58b - Brightness control
Terminal 58d - Brightness control
Terminal 58L - Left number plate light
Terminal 58R - Right number plate light

Alternators and voltage regulators
Terminal 61 - Alternator charging light
Terminal B+ - Battery positive
Terminal B- - Battery negative
Terminal D+ - Dynamo positive
Terminal D- - Dynamo negative
Terminal DF - Dynamo field winding, terminal DF1 dynamo field winding 1
Terminal DF2 - Dynamo field winding 2
Terminal U, terminal V, terminal W - Three-phase terminals
Terminal 75 - Radio, cigarette lighter
Terminal 76 - Loudspeakers

Break contacts (NC) and changeover contacts
Terminal 81 - Input
Terminal 81a - Output 1, break contact side
Terminal 81b - Output 2, break contact side
Multiple position switch
Terminal 83 - Input
Terminal 83a - Output, position 1
Terminal 83b - Output, position 2
Terminal 83L - Output, position left
Terminal 83R - Output, position right

Relays/current relays
Terminal 84 - Input, drive and relay contact
Terminal 84a - Output, drive
Terminal 84b - Output, relay contact

Alternators and voltage regulators
Terminal 85 - Output, drive (end of winding, negative or earth)
Terminal 86 - Input, drive (start of winding)
Terminal 86a - Start of winding or first winding
Terminal 86b - Winding tap or second winding

Relay contact for break contact (NC) and changeover contact
Terminal 87 - Input Also used for engine/motor current supply
Terminal 87a - Output 1 (break contact side)
Terminal 87b - Output 2, 87c Output 3
Terminal 87z - Input 1
Terminal 87y - Input 2
Terminal 87x - Input 3

Relay contact for make contact and changeover contact
Terminal 88 - Input
Terminal 88a - Output 1
Terminal 88b - Output 2
Terminal 88c - Output 3
Terminal 88z - Input 1
Terminal 88y - Input 2
Terminal 88x - Input 3

Turn signal (indicator relay)
Terminal C - Indicator lamp 1
Terminal C2 - Indicator lamp 2
Terminal C0 - Main connection for check circuits made by turn signal switch and broken by turn signal
Terminal C3 - Indicator lamp 3 (e.g. for second trailer)
Terminal L - Left turn signals
Terminal R - Right turn signals

Signal names - supplement
If no suitable DIN standard code is available, terminal designations will be written in English, for example:
CAN_H/CAN_L - Wires for CAN bus High and Low
FlexRay +/FlexRay - - FlexRay data bus
+V - Output supply voltage from electronic control unit
0V - Reference voltage from electronic control unit (not connected to body earth, terminal 31)
Signal - data wire

Wire cross-section

Note: Only for markets where AWG (American Wire Gauge) measurements are used.

Wire cross-section in mm²AWG

Wire colour
Note: For current flow diagrams where the English colour code is used.

German abbreviationEnglish abbreviationExplanation

Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable

A - Inner conductor (solid wire or stranded type)
B - Dielectric/insulation layer
C - Shield (braided or foil type)
D - Jacket

Fuse colours
Fuse colours for mini type

Mini type fuse

Mini type fuse

Nominal valueFuse colour
1 Ablack
2 Agrey
3 Aviolet
4 Apink
5 Alight brown
7.5 Abrown
10 Ared
15 Alight blue
20 Ayellow

Fuse colours for ATO type

ATO type fuse

ATO type fuse

Nominal valueFuse colour
1 Ablack
2 Agrey
3 Aviolet
4 Apink
5 Alight brown
7.5 Abrown
10 Ared
15 Alight blue
20 Ayellow
25 Awhite
30 Alight green
35 Ablue-green
40 Aorange

Fuse colours for maxi type

Maxi type fuse

Maxi type fuse

Nominal valueFuse colour
20 Ayellow
30 Alight green
40 Aorange
50 Ared
60 Alight blue
80 Awhite

Fuse colours for JCase type

JCase type fuse

JCase type fuse

Nominal valueFuse colour
20 Ablue
25 Awhite
30 Apink
40 Agreen
50 Ared
60 Ayellow

Fuse colours for LP JCase type

LP JCase type fuse

LP JCase type fuse

Nominal valueFuse colour
20 Ablue
25 Awhite
30 Apink
40 Agreen
50 Ared
60 Ayellow

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